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Toll Collect

Acting on behalf of the German government, Toll Collect company has set up a toll system that is capable of calculating and collecting road use charges based on the distance travelled.

This system is based on an innovative combination of mobile telephone technology (GSM) and satellite navigation system (GPS). This solution ensures that the collection of road tolls does not disrupt traffic flow on motorways.

In contrast to conventional toll systems, Toll Collect does not require trucks to slow down or stop, or restrict them to designated lanes. To make use of the automatic toll collection system, a transport company and its vehicles subject to toll must be registered with a Toll Collect operator. Following the registration, the company will be issued a vehicle card for each of the trucks.

This card contains the most important vehicle information. With this card, the user can schedule an appointment with an authorised Toll Collect Service Partner to have an On-Board Unit (OBU) installed in his vehicle.

Depending on the type of an On-Board Unit, it is installed in the DIN slot (slot-mounted OBU) or on the dashboard (surface-mounted OBU). Specific technical particulars of a truck that remain unchanged, such as its pollution class, will be stored in the On-Board Unit memory.

When the vehicle's official license plate number is stored in the OBU memory, a clear relationship is established between this number and the On-Board Unit



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